Future regards quality as life, from supplier inspection, incoming inspection, process inspection and test to the finished product, not only set up a strict and complete quality control system, the future also has the world's most advanced electric light source and test center, and received government award issued by the government in the near future, the products in a harsh environment of high and low temperature cycle test and aging test, and the sampling batch product quality tracking. At the same time, the future professional ROHS testing instrument and control system.


                                                  We have all continents lighting related certification, such as ES, UL, CE, ERP, PROCEL SAA, etc. In addition, for the LED lighting and electronic products, the future is the semiconductor product quality control standards. Future lighting as industry-leading lighting solutions provider, is committed to improve the reliability of the quality control system, and provide a world-class level of manufacturing technology and the highest quality products. The system mainly consists of four main parts: supplier quality control, incoming quality control, process quality control, and final quality control. Control.


                                                  Supplier quality control, supplier quality control in the past few years, presents the most important position. As a world-class manufacturers, we have established a supply business management team, led by President directly, to improve the quality of suppliers.


                                                  Incoming quality control - we for all incoming material, including buying materials and suppliers of products to do 100% inspection. All materials must comply with the incoming inspection requirements, can enter the factory warehouse. This process also includes material warehouse to provide to the supplier, identify and maintain.


                                                  Process quality control, quality inspection team on the production line for real-time detection of the circuit. All the key points about the process of manufacturing, including product inspection, testing, quality management system and quality control, and for the quality of internal audit, are included in the quality control system.


                                                  Finished product quality control, the last of the finished product quality control system is the most important part of quality control system, our final inspection process, including inspection items, inspection method, the severity of the defects, and the detailed list specific testing equipment.


                                                  In addition, all of our production facilities in accordance with requirements, and through the iso certification.

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