Corporate Orientation: Bulbs(special);Luminaries(detailed);smart series(simple)
                                                  Corporate mission: establish the best reputation in LED lighting.
                                                  Corporate Vision: Be a leader in smart healthy lighting.
                                                  Corporate Value: innovation  passion  striving  cooperation.
                                                  Corporate Slogan: makes life better
                                                  Adhere to the "customer first, self-driven, always maintain a sense of crisis."
                                                  [Customer First] - The customer is a food and clothing parent
                                                  [Embrace change] - to meet the changes, to be creative
                                                  [Teamwork] - shared sharing, ordinary people do extraordinary things
                                                  [Keep their promise] - honest, honest behavior
                                                  [Optimistic passion] - optimistic, never give up
                                                  [Respectfully post] - Professional dedication, excellence
                                                  [Customer First] - The customer is a food and clothing parent
                                                  1) Respect for others and safeguard your company image anytime, anywhere
                                                  2) smile in the face of complaints and grievances, and actively at work for clients to solve the problem
                                                  3) In the process of communication with customers, if not their own responsibility, do not shirk
                                                  4) standing on the customer's position to think about the issue, on the basis of adherence to the principle, and ultimately to customers and companies are satisfied
                                                  5) Advanced service awareness, take preventive measures
                                                  [Embrace change] - to meet the changes, to be creative
                                                  1) adapt to the daily changes of the company, do not complain
                                                  2) In the face of changes, rational treatment, full communication, sincerity and cooperation
                                                  3) Difficulties and setbacks in change can self-adjust and positively influence and motivate colleagues
                                                  4) forward thinking in the work to establish new methods, new ideas
                                                  5) Creating change and bringing groundbreaking improvements
                                                  [Teamwork] - shared sharing, ordinary people do extraordinary things
                                                  1) Actively integrated into the team, willing to accept the help of colleagues, with the team to complete the work
                                                  2) Actively express constructive opinions before making decisions and fully participate in team discussion; after          decision-making, whether individuals have objections or not, they must fully support their words and deeds
                                                  3) proactively share business knowledge and experience; take the initiative to give colleagues the necessary help; good    use of team power to solve problems and difficulties
                                                  4) be good at working with different types of colleagues, do not bring personal preferences into the work, and fully        reflect the principle of "not doing right things"
                                                  5) A sense of ownership, positive and positive impact on the team to improve team morale and atmosphere
                                                  [Keep their promise] - honest, honest behavior
                                                  1) Honest, honest
                                                  2) Through the correct channels and processes, accurately express their point of view; expression of criticism at the      same time be able to make the appropriate recommendations, bluntly taboo
                                                  3) do not spread unconfirmed news, irresponsible discussion of things and people behind, and can be a positive guide,      for any comments and feedback, "there are then changed, without exception"
                                                  4) Have the courage to admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility, and promptly correct them
                                                  5) Correctly and effectively deter dishonest behaviors that harm the interests of the company
                                                  [Optimistic passion] - optimistic, never give up
                                                  1) like their own work, agree with the corporate culture
                                                  2) love the company, take into account the overall situation, do not care about personal gains and losses
                                                  3) Face the daily work with a positive and optimistic attitude, never give up when encountering difficulties and            setbacks, keep self motivation and work hard to improve performance
                                                  4) Always with optimism and win-win beliefs, influence and drive colleagues and teams
                                                  5) keep setting higher goals, the best performance of today is the minimum requirement of tomorrow
                                                  [Respectfully post] - Professional dedication, excellence
                                                  1) Today's business will not be pushed to tomorrow, work-time only work-related things
                                                  2) follow the necessary workflow, there is no duplication of errors caused by job failure
                                                  3) Continuous learning, self-improvement, doing things fully results-oriented
                                                  4) According to priorities to correctly arrange the work priorities, do the right thing
                                                  5) follow but not rigidly adhere to the work flow, simplification, with smaller inputs for greater work results

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